The Firepin Token will be supported by many blockchains. Each blockchain on which Firepin operates has its unique value proposition enabling the Firepin ecosystem to convergently evolve and thrive.

The Networks

As shown in the table below, Firepin is available on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon networks.

The Firepin Bridge

A blockchain bridge or a cross-chain bridge is a platform that will enable the users to link and interoperate with the various blockchains that exist, broadening and expanding the utility and extent of cryptocurrencies and the ecosystems that surround them. Simply said, you can transmit your Firepin tokens to other chains without using an exchange.
The Firepin Token will be connected to the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks via the Firepin Bridge while the fourth chain and later ones will be decided by users’ votes. There may be a small fee for bridging to move across chains just to cover intrinsic network transaction costs depending on the networks involved. The interoperability between networks benefit the Tokenholders giving them access to different options for exchanges, deposits and withdrawals while simultaneously offering transferability between different Defi protocols.

Soft Cap/Hard Cap

A hard cap is the highest sum of funding that a prospective crypto project intends to raise for development purposes, whereas a soft cap in cryptocurrency refers to the minimum amount of funds required to continue.
We have chosen the uncapped strategy because we do not wish to be constrained by the quantity of funds intended to raise. Our team believe strongly in this project so we are going to launch it anyways.

Deployment Details

Contract Address
Binance Smart Chain
The fourth and the consecutive chains will be decided with user words.
Token name: Firepin Token
Token symbol: FRPN
Decimals: 12
Max Supply: Firepin tokens across all protocols (capped, no minting)
Total Pre-Sale: FRPN
Emission Schedule: No new token emissions
Firepin Vesting
To ensure the security, stability and value of your $FRPN tokens, the Firepin team will soon publish a pre-sale vesting schedule . Our principal ambition is for you to believe in our endeavour.