Big Data
Big Data application integration
In the first quartile of 2023 we will start with the Big Data application integration. Because of artificial intelligence (AI) driven apps and advanced analytics solutions, Big Data is no longer a source of uncertainty. Using Big Data and blockchain technology, numerous businesses have a variety of new possibilities to prosper, together with the cryptocurrency market. With this, our beloved Firepin organisation can uncover patterns and trends that may lead to new and valuable insights. The security of transactions and the ecosystem is our number one priority. By utilising Big Data analytics, it is possible to keep track of cryptocurrency trades in real time, preventing thefts and frauds by cross checking identified unsafe patterns. Overall, in cryptocurrency trading, the usage of Big Data has proven advantageous from a variety of different perspectives. To protect user’s privacy, the deployment of our application will be implemented according to our Privacy Policy.
Last modified 5mo ago
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