Firepin Community Powered System

Firepin is a decentralised platform that is controlled by its thriving community. A good awareness of the requirements of the individuals that form it, a sense of collective ownership, and either implicit or explicit advantages for contributing to its construction and/or maintenance are the foundations of a well-functioning community—professional, social, geographic, or otherwise. To make Firepin the best crypto community, we welcome and embrace a variety of viewpoints. Please go to the social media section to discover the official Firepin token channels.

Firepin Token

$FRPN will be the reserve currency on BNB. The Firepin token is multichain, implying that it may be used on multiple networks. To ensure price stability, Firepin will employ the Algorithmic Reserve Currency mechanism, which will be backed by additional decentralized assets.

Firepin Swap

Swap is a term that refers to switching one cryptocurrency for its equivalent value in another. This option is designed to assist our users in bringing down the cost of switching to a different cryptocurrency.
The Firepin project intends to provide community members the option to purchase through a Swap Portal at the greatest possible price. Currently, the Swap Portal is not active, but essential research is being conducted to determine the optimum parameters for it. When the Swap Portal is active in the program, more information will be added.

Firepin NFT Platform

What does NFT mean?
An NFT is a unique, non-transferable data unit that is stored on a blockchain, a sort of digital ledger that is used to record transactions. Digital assets like photographs, movies, and audio can be linked to NFTs. The NFTs keep the underlying digital files open to sharing and copying so that the public certificate of authenticity or evidence of ownership may be issued.You can buy and sell NFTs, which are units of data that can be traded. The NFT can be linked to a digital or physical asset, as well as to a licence that lets you use that asset for a certain reason. It's possible to buy and sell NFTs on digital markets. They come with the right to use, copy, or show the asset that they're linked to.
Our solution
NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) can be added to our NFT Marketplace. When you add an NFT to the Firepin platform, the NFT Vault will produce a token address for you based on the network you're using (Ethereum ERC-20, BEP-20 or Polygon ERC-20). Community members will be able to subdivide their Firepin NFT into child NFTs that represent a new evolved NFT generation in the Firepin Metaverse. Then, using Firepin's Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm, you can create a flexible and efficient market to exchange children NFTs. They can be swapped with any desired wrapped tokens within the same issued network at the best price using Firepin's SmartTrade and liquidity aggregation services. The Swap across networks is subject of research and development for a later stage in Firepin’s roadmap. More information on how to interact with NFTs in the Firepin Marketplace can be found on our website.

Firepin Insta Rewards

For each buy and sell transactions at decentralised exchanges, a 2% fee is deducted from the order and added to an airdrop pool. Existing token holders will receive an airdrop of their tokens every week. Simply put, just by retaining the token in your wallet, you are rewarded with additional tokens. Once received, the tokens are fully available for exchange within the Firepin ecosystem and for trading. We intend to expand the number of token holders, make the token profitable for all token holders, and maintain a stable price by promoting value growth of Firepin Tokens in the long run with the Insta Rewards strategy.​

Staking Platform and Farming

Firepin Staking
Staking's name comes from the fact that it could be exclusively conducted with cryptocurrencies running on proof-of-stake networks. Through proof-of-stake, Firepin users will be able to validate transactions based on the number of coins they contribute, or stake. By staking more coins, our users increase their chances of being chosen to validate network transactions and earning a reward.
Firepin Yield Farming
We're going to introduce our users to the concept of yield farming, which is a cryptocurrency investing technique that promises higher returns than most conventional investments currently give. To put it simply, yield farming is the procedure of lending cryptocurrencies while interest and, in some situations, fees are earned as a result.
In the crypto market, there are numerous ways to earn interest from a cryptocurrency portfolio. Crypto staking and yield farming are popular methods employed by cryptocurrency enthusiasts to supplement their primary income. We are excited to announce that we research these methods intensively looking for opportunities to reward the participation of community members in our programs in the most secure as possible manner. Because we are constantly aiming to provide you with the finest platform available, the plan for staking and farming will take applied collective efforts and time. Additional information will be provided to our users in the future whenever we achieve each proposed milestone.

The Firepin Metaverse

Work, leisure and shopping are all possible within the metaverse. In general, it can be broken down into three categories:
  • Virtual Reality (VR)- using computer technology to create a fictitious environment.
  • Augmented Reality (AR)- reality that is digitally augmented by means of digital visual components, audio or other sensory stimuli.
  • Virtual Worlds- in a computer-simulated representation of a world with specified spatial and physical qualities, avatars are employed as representations of the user's identity.
It's referred to as the Web 3.0 metaverse. People, information, things, and locations are all connected in web 3.0. In contrast to its predecessors web 2.0 and web 1.0, web 3.0 aims to connect individuals and groups of individuals. There are no limits to the connections that can be made in the metaverse. There has been a growth in demand for cryptocurrencies as the platform has grown and developed.

Firepin Game Development

NFT Gaming's user base is steadily growing, indicating that this trend will continue in the near future. Metaverse gaming's launch is sure to draw a large number of gamers, thanks to its unique features and imaginative operational modes. Decentralised blockchain-based metaverses are more common than the centralised virtual worlds of the early days. Thus, blockchain metaverses tend to differ from today's gaming industry's business structures and value extraction methods. In this way, metaverses can grow into whole communities with economies and democratic administration, becoming far more than just crypto games. In order to keep the players in command of the game's future, examples of DAOs and governance tokens can be used to allow them to vote on changes and upgrades. Overall Firepin strives to be the leading Metaverse NFT Game Development Company for those who want to buy, sell, and trade virtual goods in 3D space on the Metaverse's NFT Gaming Platform.

Firepin Token Protection

By definition, LP Tokens, also known as liquidity tokens, are unique tokens produced by DEX platforms to compensate users that contribute liquidity to their pools.
Individual contributions to the entire liquidity pool are tracked using LP tokens, which are retained in proportion to the share of liquidity in the overall pool.
As a successful technique to sustain robust liquidity at all times, Firepin issues initial liquidity as 'LP tokens' and locks them for two years. Every trade generates LP tokens, which are locked on transactions using Pancake Swap exchange solutions. These instruments reduce volatility and thereby increase stability, especially when large-scale transactions are involved. For Tokenholders this implies less exposure to the risk of fluctuations in the price of the tokens.